Company Liv prom was founded in 2005. Headquartered in Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina), it employs 35 employees and it works on wood processing in the manufacture facility, which extends to 4000 m2 of closed and approximately 30,000 m2 of open space where the manufacture of wooden drums for cables and manufacture of fir and spruce Sawn timber in various sizes and levels of dryness per customer requirements is organized.

Overall manufacture is divided into two sectors: the first sector is the "sawmill" where manufacture of Sawn timber takes place for the market as well as for manufacture of semi-finished products for further manufacture.

The capacity of the sawmill is approximately 20,000 m3 annually, while drying capacity is 100 m3.
The company owns ISPM 15 certificate - certificate termotretiranju wooden packaging.

The second sector is the "finished product manufacture" where wooden drums for cable winding are made in sizes from 600 to 2600 mm with annual capacity of approximately 50,000 units.

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